This question must have been on everyone's mind since the first slot machine hit the market. Over the years, slot machines have undergone many changes - right up to the slots we have available now online at sites such as In the past, the original one armed bandits would only offer 3 reels and 1 payline, a fact that made the odds of winning extremely low. These days however, with technology advancing so rapidly, game developers have been able to add more reels, symbols and of course, paylines. Some games incorporate up to 125 paylines making slot machines a highly lucrative game if you know what you’re doing.

There are numerous ways in which one could increase their winnings and although managing to get massive payouts is one way, there is quite a bit to think about before you actually start betting.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways players can swell their pockets.

Choosing the perfect Slots

First and foremost keep in mind that casinos are a business and as with all industries, the casino market is extremely competitive and in order to get a slight advantage on competitors, most casinos will make great offers to new players in the hopes of attracting them.

A great way to start is to search for casinos that have the best welcome offers. Now in this stage do your research as many casino will offer what seems to be a fantastic bonus, however, the fine print will indicate that in order to receive the bonus players would first need to make a deposit of a certain amount, so be careful. Don’t worry though because there are numerous casinos that offer deposit free bonuses which are essentially free credits.

Many casinos will also offer straight up bonus codes, which again is free money. Take the time to search for these deals; it shouldn’t be hard as there are now multiple sites which have done this for you so check them out. A good bonus will offer players 100% back on deposits, so if a player deposits $100 the casino will match this, some places even offer up to 400% back so this is a great way to save some cash.

The next step would be to make sure you choose the right machines to try your luck on, there are a variety of attributes such as, free spins, bonus features and of course jackpots. All these factors play a major role in deciding which machine to play. For instance, the progressive jackpot can be highly lucrative should you win it, however there may be a catch. Sometimes players will need to bet the maximum in order to qualify for this so make sure you know you begin.